Websella also raises promotional interest rates to 6%

Competition in online banking market seem to bring opportunities to consumers. A couple of days ago, Websella raised promotional interest rate to 6.00%, thus getting even with Webank promotion. The promotional rate is applied until the end of the year, but only on the first €30.000 deposited (a lower lmit than Webank, that has placed the limit at €50.000).

Websella is a bank account (not a saving account), nevertheless the “standard” interest rate is a good 3.50%: higher than ING Direct’s Conto Arancio saving account (3.00%), but a little lower than Santander Consumer Bank saving account (3.75%), or Webank (3.90%). Moreover, Websella bank account requires no fees to be payed (except bank account tax), bank transfer are free of charge, as ATM withdrawals from any bank in Italy.

Italian translation of this post: Anche Websella al 6%

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