Webank bank account: 6% interest rate!

A very interesting offer comes from Webank, the online bank of Bipiemme group: who will open the conto @me bank account before the 31st of August, will receive a 6.00% interest rate until the end of the year. I think it’s one of the most profitable promotional offer, with an interest rate higher even than Websella promotion (that offer a 5.00% interest rate, and only until the end of september).

Beside the promotional offer, the standard interest rate is still quite high: 3.90%, that is automatically raised to 4.25% for customers that do at least 18 transactions on the stock market in the quarter. In short, Webank offers an interest rate that is just slightly less than IWBank’s IWPower saving account, but as said IWPower is a saving account, not a bank account (on IWBank “real” bank account, there are no interests).

If you are interested in this promotion, you should pay attention to a few things. First of all, you need to have clear that Webank @me is a real online bank account, not a saving account: you can perform any banking transaction (that means you should also pay attention to security issues accordingly), but you also will pay the tax on bank accounts, and therefore you should do a few calculations before to determine if Webank @me is profitable for you (by the way: remember to always do your homeworks, you have to avoid to be convinced from just apparent advantages). Webank also gives a free ATM card, that allow you to withdraw money from all ATMs in Italy, with no transaction cost.

The 3.90% interest rate is applied only to the first 50.000 euro deposited (that isn’t a so small sum, anyway, to be kept in a bank account), while beyond this sum the interest rate is a more modest 1.25%.

Bank transaction, and bank transfers, are not free: for a bank transfer you have to pay 0.75 euro charge. Alternatively, you can chose a flat rate 18€ year fee.

Italian translation of this post: Webank al 6%

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