IWBank gives antivirus software for free

I admit I discovered it by chance. But I think it’s an initiative worth some attention: IWBank customers can freely download a fully functional copy PC-Cillin Internet Security suite. In practice, the bank pays the anti-virus license for its customers, who can therefore use a licensed copy of the software with no limitation, as regular PC-Cillin customers.

IWBank’s initiative is interesting since the customer computer is usually the most vulnerable spot in an online bank account security. It is much more easy for someone ill-intentioned to infect a user personal computer (often quite unprotected), than to violate the bank system. All the more that an attack to customers doesn’t need to target specific subjects, but can be performed by widespread attacks using viruses that infect an high number of computers, and only in some cases actually steal reserved information: but this is enough for the thieves, and too much for who gets theft.

I do not know other banks, at least in Italy, that give a commercial antivirus software for free to their customer, even if I need to say that until a few days ago I neither noticed IWBank did: so if someone knows some other cases, please let us know.

Italian translation of this post: IWBank regala l’antivirus

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