What's this blog about?

This blog is a “personal diary” to talk about bank account offers, and other investment opportunities that (with reasonable low or no risk) allow to earn a little more than leaving money on the “normal” bank account. As we live in Italy, we mainly talk of opportunities for italian consumers, but we feel many topics might be useful for many other people: this is because this blog is translated in english.

I started this blog because of a common problem: I had for years a bank that gave me a 0,25% interest rate: a sum so small that it never reached to pay out account exprenses. Luckily, there are many opportunities to put your saving in better places: the easiest examplet are “saving accounts” (such as “Conto Arancio” or “Santander Consumer Bank”, in Italy), but the list is much longer than many believe. I think that wasting these opportunities is a nonsense, since it may cost several hundred euros every year!

Therefore, since I “played” a little with these instruments, in this blog you will find a review of the main “safe-investment” opportinuties. But this will be an opportunity to talk about economy and finance in general, from a small-investor point of view.

Of course, suggestion, remarks and comment are really appreciated!

Italian translation: Cos’è questo blog?

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