Zopa now active in Italy

A few weeks ago we anticipated Zopa, the “peer-to-peer lending system”, was arriving in Italy. In these days Zopa has started its activity, allowing user registration (only on invitation, by now).

Zopa is a social lending website, where who want to lend money can meet who needs to borrow, therefore bypassing banks or other financial intermediaries.

Zopa’s is a very interesting idea, but I have a feeling that many are attracted by Zopa without having understood what it is, and its risk (since it has some risk, just like any other investment): an attraction caused by an “intolerance” for traditional banks. But let’s not forget the first rule of invement: know where you are putting your money.

Anyway, I am curious to see how Zopa will evolve: potentially it can bring benefits to all consumers, since “traditional banks” may will start feel the pressure of new competitors, and feel pushed to a greater transparency.

Original post (in Italian): Zopa: adesso è attivo in Italia

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