ING Direct is introducing "Bilancio Arancio"?

ING Direct is adding a new investment fund to Investimenti Arancio family. By now, the fund family is composed by Dividendo Arancio (high-dividend distributing companies), Mattone Arancio (shares of companies operating in the real estate sector), Euro Arancio (European bonds), Convertibile Arancio (convertible bonds),

There is no official announce yet, but a new fund named “ING Direct Bilancio Arancio” is appeared on Ing.Lu and CCLUX webistes, showing the new fund has started to be quotaded, with the usual (for the “Arancio” family) 50€ stock-exchange placing price. If Bilancio Arancio will follow the same process as the other funds, it should take about a month before it will be presented on ING Direct italian website.

By now, there are no information on what kind of fund Bilancio Arancio is, and we can only do some conjectures based on the name (that translated means “Orange Balance” – with “orange” being the fund family brand identifier). So it could be a balanced fund (or hybrid fund — a mutual fund that buys a combination of common stock, preferred stock, bonds, and short-term bonds): but one may think that considering the target investor ING maybe would name such a fund “Balanced” (“bilanciato”), not “Balance” (“bilancio”). So it could also be a fund that performs a stock-picking based on some balance indicator.

The only thing for sure is that the fund provides dividend distribution, as all other funds in the Investimenti Arancio family.

Italian translation of this post: ING Direct Bilancio Arancio

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