Compliments to IWBank: IWPower rate rised to 4%

To say the truth, banks hardly ever deserve compliments. But I need to say that this time I’d like to pay some compliments to IWBank, that less than two hours after European Central Bank rised main refinancing operations interest rate, conformed IWPower saving account interest rates, thus bringing it to 4.00% (gross — 2.974% after taxes, considering quarterly capitalization). Usually banks are so fast only when they have to change your mortgage rate, rarely on saving accounts.

Just because I don’t want you to think I’m advertising IWBank, I take this chance to add a little warning some reader pointed out, when we talked about IWBank: accrued interests are credited on your bank account (where the interest rate is zero), not on the saving account. This is not a big problem, but if you don’t move them on your saving account, you may lose a little money.

Italian translation of this post: Complimenti a IWBank: IWPower al 4%

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